JCI Tsuen Wan Community Development Flagship Project – Children’s Play Rights2nd Online Workshop 2022MAKER SPACE STEM & 3D Printing Online Workshop🧠🔭🎨

《MAKER SPACE STEM & 3D Printing Online Workshop》 of JCI Tsuen Wan “Children’s Play Rights” 2022 was successfully held on 22 May, 2022!

Workshop Speaker and OC Team

On behalf of JCI Tsuen Wan, the Community Development OC team would like to thank everyone for supporting and joining our events. On the event day, we had over 120 families, with JCI and non-JCI members enjoying an informative and enjoyable Sunday morning together. 💗

Woodpecker STEM Assembly
We would like to express my sincere gratitude to our guest speaker, Mr. Raymond Wong, Honorary Treasurer of Hong Kong Designers Association and Executive Director of ETECHART, 👨‍🏫 showed all participants how to make the woodpecker model from a pre-distributed STEM kit.

About Raymond Wong
Raymond has designed STEM kits and educational materials for over 20 years. His company ETECHART worked with a lot of schools and kindergartens. He is now the Honorary Treasurer of Hong Kong Designers Association and professor at Hong Kong College of Technology.

Raymond used mechanics principle to design a woodpecker which simulates the actual pecking when they look for food. Raymond also told us about the ecological aspects of woodpeckers. The story behind woodpecker really inspires children’s creativity and thinking, and lets children experience the fun of STEM science 😁! Even after the event, parents showed their huge interest in this topic by sending a lot of questions in the chatroom and whatsapp message too!

3D Printing Workshop
Right after the STEM section, in the second part of the workshop, we had invited 👨Mr. Steven Yeung, the founder of 3D printing company “DIGIPRINT”, introduced the practical application of 3D printing technology in various fields, like Space, Architecture, Automobile, and Medical.

About Steven Yeung
Steven founded DIGIPRINT, which builds open-source 3D printers and setup 3D printing environments for schools and kindergartens, teaching the teachers to 3D print and to design 3D products upon their needs. DIGIPRINT also delivers 3D printing services sized up to 500mm x 500mm.

3D printing is heavily involved in an increasing number of industries. Steven also showed us many 3D designed and printed products, for example: sewage cover for HK Housing Authority, a map of Hong Kong with mobile cabin hospitals, chairs, business card holder for CityU, vases, dragon, toys, and etc. After teaching the children about 3D printing knowledge, Steven led the children to draw freely on a piece of paper. Children then took pictures of the drawing with a cell phone and sent it to Steven on Whatsapp. We used a local website designed by “MakeOmnia” to turn the 2D drawings into a 3D object, which is ready for 3D printing. They were all very excited about their designs and asked enormous questions about it.

It’s very meaningful to know that the children are very interested in the process of creating their own artwork for their first 3D prints! Not only could the children learn about the latest technology but also develop their creativity. We received a lot of creative drawings after the event. We really believe children are very creative and that we just need the right way and right tool to open up their minds.

3D Print Product

Vote of Thanks
As you can see in the zoom chat room, quite a few of our JC members joined these two sessions with their children, and they were so happy with their finished woodpecker and 3D artwork! Both parents and children even the guests enjoyed the workshop and they even kept saying “goodbye and thank you teacher” after we had bid farewell to them. It’s priceless! The first two workshops of this project were a huge success.
Thank you once again for who attended our workshop, with your active support on our project. We look forward to seeing you all again in our upcoming events. More details will be announced in the incoming email and Facebook page.